Packaged AC

Available in 11 and 17 Ton Classification

The package unit houses the Scroll Compressor, the best technology that guarantees high volumatric efficiency and low friction losses. It gives a wide range of comfort features especially suited for Indian conditions like wide operating voltage, silent operation, economical running and unmatched reliability


Scroll Compressor

Key Features


This remote panel has four digits, seven segment display and seven LEDs to give full status of the machine.

  • LED “COMP1” and “COMP2” are used to indicate current display status
  • LED “MODE” is to display mode of the machine in which it is running (FAN/COOL)
  • LED “EVAP. FAN” is to display status of the Evaporator Fan
  • LED “COMP1 ON” and “COMP2 ON” are used to indicate running statusof compressor