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For 100 years, Carrier and its dealers across the world have led the way on a mission for excellence. Carrier has been one of the highly reckoned brands in Indian market for the past 25 years.

The Willis Carrier Club Dealer (WCCD) endorsement is to promote the best of the best Carrier dealers, providing a distinction in the marketplace that rewards those dealers who pass the stringent qualifications needed to be recruited into the ranks of the elite.

The prime purpose of measuring and maintaining the program standards and guidelines is to ensure that Carrier continues to deliver the value proposition of Willis Carrier Club Dealer. WCCD’s represent a minimum standard that distinguishes them from the competition in the eyes of the customer. The Club is further classified, on the basis of the performance of dealer members, into Platinum, Gold and Silver Club. An annual award night is also held wherein top performers are recognized and felicitated.

Each year, the program runs from January 1st – December 31st and during that time, a WCCD maintains:

  • Carrier defined/trained Sales, Installation & Service manpower
  • Basic Service centre
  • Registration under ESIC & EPF

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